Episode 13

Published on:

23rd Feb 2021

#13 Randomness - More on Esther and Purim

We discuss randomness (with a meandering random way of getting to it), then explain how the random nature of the universe is what gives us choice. Choice is the bedrock of freedom, and liberty. We then discuss the differences between the two, the need for limitations, and end up back in different views of randomness - the postmodern version, and the Torah version. Along the way, we highlight these ideas within the Book of Esther and the holiday of Purim.

This is a fun episode, featuring some bad InfoWars Alex Jones impressions, ruminations on apophenia and libations, and some personal anecdotes.

Happy Purim!

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Holy Madness - The Show
The Holy Madness sifts through the mad world seeking wisdom. We tackle far-ranging heavy subjects with a light touch and “pharismanic” flair.
Holy Madness - The Show sifts through the mad world seeking wisdom, tackling far-ranging, heavy subjects with a light touch and “pharismanic” flair.

Alas, the sun has set on the show, and we are not making new episodes. Fans came for the provocative conversation, stayed for the contrarian conclusions, and enjoyed loads of holy madness in-between. And we loved the community that developed around the show.

Whether you're listening again, or discovering the show for the first time: be well and be blessed.

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Meir-Simchah co-hosted Holy Madness - The Show with the great Tzvi Zucker (http://tzvizucker.me/, @tzvizucker).