Episode 14

Published on:

23rd Feb 2021

#14 Education, Religion, Ideology

Sarah returns as a special guest. We discuss our personal connections with books in the bible, and segue into a conversation about education within religion.

We compare belief and ideology, talk about the effects of religious education on faith, and end with a discussion on the shortcomings of modern "classical liberal" ideology in giving a society a "why" to their lives, as well as something that connnects them all. Along the way, we compare orthodox and orthoprax, define what an "ummah" is, and highlight some of the real aims we ought to have in education.

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Holy Madness - The Show
The Holy Madness sifts through the mad world seeking wisdom. We tackle far-ranging heavy subjects with a light touch and “pharismanic” flair.
Holy Madness - The Show sifts through the mad world seeking wisdom, tackling far-ranging, heavy subjects with a light touch and “pharismanic” flair.

Alas, the sun has set on the show, and we are not making new episodes. Fans came for the provocative conversation, stayed for the contrarian conclusions, and enjoyed loads of holy madness in-between. And we loved the community that developed around the show.

Whether you're listening again, or discovering the show for the first time: be well and be blessed.

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Meir-Simchah co-hosted Holy Madness - The Show with the great Tzvi Zucker (http://tzvizucker.me/, @tzvizucker).